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Data Processing

Convert participant data into actionable insights, so you can assess your next move.
In a collective action you have a lot of data to process, from documents to statements to images and more. Our technology saves you the hours you would have spent doing this manually. The insights you’ll gain from this data are essential for determining eligibility, case feasibility and forming a strategy around your case.
For example, we have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and parsing tools for reading documents. Our natural language processing and sentiment analysis tools can assess the content your participants submit in seconds, and image recognition technology can analyse millions of photographs within minutes.

Government data breach

An investigation by a Dutch journalist discovered that during Covid-19 testing and vaccinating,

Service fee

Airbnb charges service fees to both tenants and landlords. Charging two-sided service fees is illegal under Dutch law.

Flexible interest

For many years, Dutch banks and other lenders have advertised flexible interest rates

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