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What is Bookbuilding?

Bookbuilding is a critical step in the process of collective redress, aimed at mobilizing claimants and demonstrating to legislators that there is a significant and viable group behind a cause. Essentially, it involves identifying and recruiting eligible class members to participate in a collective action. It can also apply at the time when a settlement has to be distributed.

To ensure the integrity of the process, it is crucial to establish clear communication channels and mechanisms for verifying claimants'eligibility ensuring their representation in the group action. By leveraging data-driven approaches and tools, such as those provided by Daccs, Bookbuilding can be made more efficient and effective. Maximizing the potential of available resources and increasing the chances of success in collective redress efforts.

Why Daccs Bookbuilding?
Daccs Bookbuilding is a unique solution that leverages the power of our data engineering to optimize your Bookbuilding process. Each case is different, and potential claimants may have varying motivations and circumstances. By using data-driven decision-making, we can identify and engage with the most relevant channels, saving valuable resources and increasing the feasibility of the case. Our approach allows us to make informed decisions based on facts rather than feelings. We make sure that your efforts are focused where they can make the most significant difference.

With Daccs Bookbuilding, you can reach your target audience more directly, improve the effectiveness of your collective redress efforts, and maximize the potential of your available resources.

Unique approach

Our distinctive method guarantees that our partners are constantly equipped to handle any competitive matter.

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Data to drive decisions

By relying on our data engineering, we empower our partners to achieve their objectives with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Applicable to all class sizes

By leveraging data-driven Bookbuilding techniques, we are able to effectively target audiences and increase feasibility for all class sizes, maximizing results every time.

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Take Bookbuilding to the next level

If you're looking to improve your Bookbuilding efforts for collective redress, a personalized approach is key. It's not enough to simply come up with a concept - you need to ensure that your message reaches the right audience.

Daccs digital Bookbuilding methods offer unparalleled precision when it comes to targeting specific demographics. By leveraging the data generated by our funnels, we're able to get a holistic view of our campaign's success and identify the most effective channels for reaching the class.

By focusing your resources on the areas that will generate the greatest impact, you will be able to achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

Monitor the status of key performance indicators in real time

With Daccs' systems, you can view all claimant info at a glance. The easy-to-navigate dashboard gives you full insight into the performance of your collective redress at all stages of the process.

Bookbuilding for privacy litigation
Privacy is a crucial factor in Bookbuilding. At Daccs, we've developed various methodologies to optimize campaigns without relying on third-party personal Data Processing. This approach is especially important in cases where the defendant has violated GDPR or other privacy regulations. With our Bookbuilding solutions, our partners can create a comprehensive claimant book without any limitations.

Increasing the eligibility percentages of your book

We recognize the importance of demonstrating a claimant's eligibility and prioritize the ability to demonstrate it effectively. That's why we have developed Data Processing solutions that optimize the data entry process. With these solutions, claimants can provide detailed input in a user-friendly manner, resulting in higher eligibility rates.

We start with your goals and challenges, not our solutions
At Daccs, we believe that understanding our partners' goals and challenges is the key to providing effective solutions. That's why we always start by listening to you, rather than pushing our own solutions.

We focus on meeting our partners' needs, tailor our solution accordingly and measure our success by the impact we have on their performance.


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