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The more participants you have, the greater your chances of a successful collective action.
Each collective litigation is unique, and so is our approach to bookbuilding. We analyse the data of your particular case, then craft a custom strategy to target exactly the people you’re looking for.

From search engine advertising to social media to traditional platforms and even influencer marketing, we’ll create campaigns that activate the custom while properly representing the claim initiative. Our strategies are adaptable and can be optimised on the spot depending on what we learn during the process.
Also, since outreach is just the beginning of bookbuilding, we create conversion-oriented funnels that lead participants through a smooth and easy application process. This ensures that the experience for your participants is seamless every step of the way.

Government data breach

An investigation by a Dutch journalist discovered that during Covid-19 testing and vaccinating,

Service fee

Airbnb charges service fees to both tenants and landlords. Charging two-sided service fees is illegal under Dutch law.

Flexible interest

For many years, Dutch banks and other lenders have advertised flexible interest rates

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We know that no two collective actions are the same. We would love to get in touch with you and show you how Daccs can improve your collective litigation. Let’s discuss which services will add the most value for you.

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